Salon 18 Suites


Imagine owning and running your own Salon without the large upfront costs, employee challenges, risks and overhead associated with opening a traditional salon. Enter the salon suites concept. Salon 18 Suites provides you the opportunity of owning a salon that you lease in a building of similar salons and with business owners of similar interests. You have the key to your own suite and therefore can set your own prices, service menu and business hours. The suite rental trend, already ubiquitous in the southern and eastern parts of the U.S. has just recently begun to flower in the west. Cyrus Bulsara, the President of Professional Consultants and Resources, told that Salon Suites are an attractive alternative to traditional Salon.


  • They are offering a pleasant, individualized ambiance at competitive prices, plus personalized one-on-one services that draw and retain clients.


Many variations of the Salon Suite concept have been developed. Some suites, such as My Salon Suites, Sola Salon and Phenix Salons, have become corporate franchises, while others like Salon 18 Suites are Independently Owned. Salon 18 Suites offers an Executive Style Suite varying in sizes from regular to deluxe. Each suite is appointed with a shampoo bowl, shampoo chair, overhead cabinet, styling cabinet, styling chair, locking sliding glass door, and overhead LED lighting on motion detectors. Other Salon 18 Suites amenities include, but are not limited to, the following: client lounge areas, locking drawers for most suite owners, washer/dryer, 24/7 secure access, utilities included with suite rental, tenant use refrigerator, and maintained common areas. Salon 18 Suites entrepreneurs can also decorate their suites and brand themselves individually. The suites concept also allows for other Beauty Professionals such as Massage Therapists, Aestheticians, Make-Up Artists, and Manicurists, to enjoy the privileges of entrepreneurship.